Impuls Tukku

Helping our customers to do impulsive decisions

The story of Impuls Tukku

The owners Marko Nieminen, Timo Riipinen and Kirka Miettinen all in included have over 80 years of experience in Finnish grocery store business. Two operatives Timo and Marko met in summer 2008. They found the guide line in based on two toughts. “There were no outsourced services on the field for impuls” and “how we can make the wholesale network to respond to the demand of customers.”

Without any further toughest business called Impuls Plus was founded. In three years the company growth was fast and we gained lots of experience. In autumn 2011 we were blessed with an opportunity to found our own company for Impuls Plus business. The blessing was taken and company was founded carrying the name of Impuls Tukku Oy. Officially Impuls Tukku started it´s business in December 2011.

We are well known partner for our customers. For our customers we are partner who constantly seeks new innovative way to make extra sales.

We want to be the best partner for our stakeholders
– Values guide our actions







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We are in a new era of wholesale business.

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